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ANGELITE BODY CONTOURING COMPREHENSIVE Q&A INFORMATION & INSTRUCTION GUIDE READ BEFORE booking YOUR APPOINTMENT.... INSTRUCTIONS FOR GROUPON APPOINTMENTs ***Note - Groupon is an Introduction to our services. Multiple sessions will be needed for optimal results ***Important - We do Honor All Groupon Vouchers on or After its Expiration Date BOOKING OUT MONTHS IN ADVANCE *** Yes, Fortunately to our growing population & success you can expect a few month wait to be seen for your very first visit We do apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you As you ARE ALL eager to find a spot in the calendar immediately. We do our very best to accommodate whats accurate and readily available online at all times HOW TO ACHIEVE BEST RESULTS Optimal results require time.... An investment & commitment from you. Weekly to bi weekly visits will be needed, depending on procedures choosen. Facials require two weeks apart between treatments. Body treatments generally are done weekly. Treatment plans are advised in your consultation. Proper diet and excercise are very important along with treatments for optimal results. Individual results do vary. ALL APPOINTMENTS TO BE MADE ONLINE @ - ANGELITE.GLOSSGENIUS.COM At our booking portal ONLY WHY IS MY CREDIT CARD NECESSARY A Credit Card is requested to reserve your appointment online As required is a courtesy call or email 24 hrs in advance to cancel your scheduled appointment, or a CANCELLATION fee of $50.00 will be incurred. TO CANCEL or CHANGE YOUR APPOINTMENT Select on any of your reminder emails; tO reschedule or cancel your Appointment NOTE: All CANCELLATIONS Require TO Kindly leave your "Groupon Voucher Code" ***To find, open in your groupon app on your Apple or Andriod phone Select by viewing/open "view voucher" Code is listed directly under the bar code on groupon voucher BOOKING A GROUPON APPOINTMENT ONLINE Once online you will select "Just One" of our Services, purchased from your Groupon App ***Only 1 purchase per groupon accepted ***(First make sure to SIGN INTO your Groupon App, to see what service you originally purchased). ***Your Groupon code will be redeemed on your first visit, unfortunately without code your treatment can not be experienced ***Only necessary to book your first appointment online ***(If you have multiple appointments we will book all others for you on your first visit). Online booking allows for FIRST APPOINTMENTS ONLY, you can expect a 90 minute session for your first visit ***NOTE: Groupon Vouchers are ONLY 20 MINUTE APPOINTMENTS "thereafter your first visit". FINDING A SOONER APPOINTMENT ****We do recommend once you book your first appointment, in order to finding a possible sooner appointment - KIndly check back into our online booking portal daily or weekly, at your convenience As cancellations usually come in weekly - Key is - to look for them in order to catch them first hand We pay for your own booking convenience at YOUR fingertips. We have No running cancellation list to be added to, you have total control of your appointments Our clients beat us by far every time!! Challenge yourself, only to try, is too succeed!! CONFORMATION OF YOUR APPOINTMENT As soon as your appointment is scheduled, you will receive an instant email & text confirmation ***Two more reminders will come, one more - 3 days before your appointment plus another one day before your appointment. RESCHEDULING OR CANCELING YOUR APPOINTMENT If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, click on one of your reminder emails, you will see an option to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Will then take you into our calendar At that point you will then be required to go back online to our booking portal to book a follow up appointment. Yes unfortunately, you will need to wait...the allotted time again to be seen. (Keep checking for cancellations) TO CONFIRM YOUR APPOINTMENT If you want to confirm your appointment, open your reminder email, select "confirm appointment", I am now aware you are coming in, your appointment is confirmed. BODY TREATMENTS "Ultrasonic Cavitation" fat & cellulite reduction can be done only as much as once to twice weekly, (3 days in between required if done weekly). A week or longer intervals inbetween is optimal. "I-Lipo Lipo Lite" cellulite & fat reduction can safely be done hours at a time with daily treaments ***A balanced treatment on both sides of the body is always given. ***"Please note only one body part per groupon" ***Only one voucher per person, per treatment, will be accepted as redeemable by Angelite Body Contouring. FACIAL TREATMENTS Ideally should be spaced a minimum of 10 to 14 days apart for best results. At the age of 25 years old we start to decline in our production of collegen, this continues until we hit 50 yrs old. With this current technology, we are now able to bring your collegen back to life THERMA LIFT - SKIN TIGHTENING FOR BODY & FACE "Therma Lift" healing times vary Under 50 yrs old should see results in 3 to 6 months. Over 50 yrs old up to one year We ask you avoid direct sunlight (sun tanning) 2 days before your appointment and a minimum of 4 hours after treatment you should avoid direct sunlight HOW LONG WILL IT LAST Results can last as long as a few years, (of course, we do continually keep aging). Therefore, eventually refresher treatments are needed to keep collegen production plentiful HOW IT WORKS As collegen builds it's regeneration begins the healing to your weakened elastin tissue fibers, muscles along with fine lines, wrinkles, undereye dark circles & bags, chins, browlines, crows feet, 11's to jowels & necks & nasal labial folds start to just fade away As it multiplies you are looking more & more well rested, with a nice youthful glow Eventually, everyone will notice the changes without really knowing why..but they will make mention, watch n see :) No surgery, no pain, no down time, no brusing, no scarring, just RESULTS!!! ULTRA LIFT - RETRAINS THE MUSCLES OF YOUR FACE TO STAND UP "Ultra Lift" treatment results are immediate always used alongside of Therma Lift They are designed to work in tandem with each other in reaching your full potential to attaining your maxium desired results HOW MANY TREATMENTS ARE NEEDED Minimally 12 treatments are needed for optimal results on all skin tightening procedures HOW LONG ARE REGULAR TREATMENTS OUTSIDE OF GROUPON All treatment times outside of Groupon, generally 45 to 60 minutes long - treatment times may vary per client HOW MUCH DOES IT COST All package prices will be discussed at your first visit, prices vary per treatment plan given GROUPON APPOINTMENTS ONLY 20 MINUTES LONG ***Note: All Groupon voucher appointments are only 20 minutes long. Multiple treatments of 45 to 60 minutes are normal Generally a minimum of 12 treatments are necessary to achieve your optimal results (per body part) GUARANTEED We can almost gurantee on your first visit your measurement, will go down!! Be excited - We are for you!!! PACKAGE PLAN PRICING Treatment prices vary; We have affordable packages available ***Payment is due in full as any kind of cosmetic procedure is considered elective DOES INSURANCE COVER Good news; It is in the works for Insurance coverage hopefully to be available for these types of procedures in the future As the desire for clients are sometimes medically necessary & keeps growing..this is great news for us all! Unfortunately, as of now no insurance is currently available. WHAT IS REQUIRED ON MY PART BEFORE, DURING & AFTER TREATMENT Diet & Exercise, along with healthy portion control, to making smarter lifestyle choices Drink your water!!! The more the better. Amping up your water intake is mandatory by getting in daily, 2 to 3 liters of water, (1 liter equals 33 ounces) this is also very important to your optimal achievement all the while you are in treatment It's not magic alone but together it is the key to long term success WHAT CAN I DO TO SPEED UP THIS PROCESS *** Start your water intake 3 days before your treatment for a "head start" on your maximum reduction ***Curb alcohol & caffine intake starting the day before your visit, (decaffeinated is ok) so your body responds optimally for you UPGRADES AVAILABLE ***Surprise you might possibly be offered a Complimentary upgrade on your first appointment if time allows Rest assured its usually a lucrative upgrade OUR BIO "ANGELITE BODY CONTOURING" Our story, how we evolved. The power of the Angelite Body Sculpting Procedures were born, as this healing gemstone is believed to bring transformative changes on a deep cellular level. Similarly as we became dedicated to the alleviation of excess fat cell production, by way, we can permanently reduce its growth forever, to the shrinking of cellulite by way of cellular reduction, is how your optimal results are acheived. To Erasing fine lines and wrinkles while closing pores to lifting droopy skin! We specialize by lessening the bodies ability to storing inflammatory toxins. By balancing fluidity as it transmutes from pain and disorder into whole body strengthening with deep elastin tissue repair, in correcting deficiencies by renewal of blood vessel regeneration. Angelite works in balancing whole body healing of fluids within the physical sphere, acting as a diuretic while it is also responsible for weight control, to inflammation and fat loss . We are a full service Cosmetic Contouring Center offering the most current technological advancements, specializing in a wide spectrum of services to include; ALL OVER FOR FACE & BODY SCULPTING We offer a way for optimal Collegen production with only Radio frequency heat waves, to illicit profound Skin Tightening from the inside out. To Facial Rejuvenation. Collagen Reproduction works to tighten the skin all our our bodies, not just on our faces. Also to include permanent Fat reduction with advanced ways to the shrinking of Fat & Cellulite cells. To visually allowing immediate results, by way of spot reduction. Expect to experience measurable results on your very first appointment! Non invasive treatments without any pain, downtime or bruising. Reserve your first session today! WHAT CAN YOU DO AFTER TREATMENT You may resume any normal activities after your appointment, exercise is best if done within the first 3 days after treatment. You will be thirsty, feed.... your cells the water its calling for. WHAT WILL YOU NOTICE AFTER TREATMENT Expect to notice detoxification by way our bodies pass these excess toxins through our systems, naturally by our bodily excrements daily. You might notice a change to your bowl movements which is entirly a normal healthy necessity CONSECUTIVE APPOINMENTS NOT TO BE MADE ONLINE Any/all consecutive appointments will be made for you in person, by us A free consultation is included on your first visit with your Groupon voucher. For groupon purchases voucher code is necessary.
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